Lots of Ride info and Pauline Exposed!

Ride last Sunday

Johnny Appleseed is a very nice venue. They are glad to have us, the location is convenient to a variety of rides and the food is good. We rode some the County’s best roads (see 3 favorite roads below). The scenery was stunning. But the tradeoff is, you cannot have views without hills. Climbing 1849’ over 26 miles proved to be challenging. However we had 3 new riders one of whom had not ridden a road bike before. And they did not seem to have any difficulty. We did go off the planned route to visit Chaffee Road. This is bounded by Tuscarora Lake Road on one side and Jackass Hill on the other. Even though this is just minutes from camp, we have avoided this road as it is gravel on the Tuscarora side. It was worth riding on gravel. Angi Buckley, though a relative new comer to the area, lead the group there. Finishing out the 13 riders were Gioia Gensini, David Neff sister Dianne, her daughter Erica, her boyfriend Rich, long time member and first time rider Lisa Larkin, Don Western, Harlan Share, Pauline Cecere, Kate Stewart, and Shelly Kempton. Lisa’s husband Bill Larkin was smart enough to skip the ride and just enjoy the restaurant.
Photo taken by boyfriend of Erica Rich on Gioia’s Camera on Chappie Road.

Favorite Roads
Last week to send me your 3 favorite roads in Madison County and why. I will not settle for a “they are all my favorite” kind of answer. But if you only have just one, that is ok.

A zinger from Pauline

We all know Pauline Cecere as a very sweet and caring person. Not so fast. Decide after this anecdote.
I took our dog, Grady, on a mountain bike ride. (I’ll ride and he runs, we’ll both come back smiling.) Just as we get back, Pauline in her road gear says “I am going out, come ride with me.”
Paul: OK, let me get my road bike.
Pauline: No, this will be a really short ride, just ride your mountain bike.
Paul: OK, let me put some more air in the tires.
Pauline: No this will be a really, really short ride.
So we take off and after a couple of difficult miles I ask: So when are we heading back?
Pauline: I just want to go to New Woodstock, then up Damon Road and back.
That turns out to be over 15 miles (for a really, really short ride). I figure I am already a few miles in and I get to ride with Pauline so I ride on.
Then Pauline DROPS me. Every once in a while, she’ll wait for me just to drop me again. But that is not the zinger.
When we got back I ask “Why did you drop me?”
And her exact words were “I tried not to, but I could not stay upright riding at your pace” Bada Boom, Bada Bing.
Thanks Pauline

From the Palmers:

“Out of the car and on our bikes in the Grand Tetons. Magnificent!”
(see attached pictures)

Next Sundays Ride

Kate Stewart is hosting. Leaving at 9:00 AM from 50 Myrtle St. in the village of Cazenovia.
Parking might be tight on Myrtle Street (it’s a dead end) so you could also park on Burr if it’s too full. If you bring something, do not bring meat.

Paul Silverstein

Tomorrows ride (and pictures)

Last Sunday’s Ride
Lisa Baker was kind enough to host. She also raised the bar with cloth napkins, real silverware, and a great spread. But don’t worry, camp will be usable soon and I can lower the bar back where it was. Thirteen of us rode just over 26 miles, up route 13 to Chittenango back Quarry road to Caz then home. Quarry road is one you want to ride sometime. There is a lot of hill to it, but not that steep, just long. Scott Shannon tweaked the ride by taking us off main routes and using safer and scenic side roads. I have to say, one of the great joys of the Erieville Bicycle Club (aside from or in spite of riding with me) is leaning on the local knowledge of experts who know the great hidden biking roads around here. Along with Scott on this ride was Lisa Baker, Mike and Angi Buckley, Pat Demyan, Rick Morris, Pauline Cecere, David Neff, Catherine McDonough, Kate Stewart, Janet Ohlsen, and Andy Greenberg.
Pictures below courtesy of Lisa Baker

35 telltale signs that you’re officially a cyclist (congratulations):

From MapMyRun.com: 35 Signs You’re a Cyclist
31. If you have a garage, your car doesn’t fit inside thanks to all of the bike stands and other cycling gear.

Apologies, Thank yous, and next Sunday’s ride

My Apologies to Mike Buckley and Scott Shannon

Mike and Scott along with Angi Buckley and Shelly Kempton rode at least 115 miles Sunday in celebration of Mike and Scott’s birthday. Here was the invitation I was supposed to send to the group:

“Celebrating the annual rite of summer solstice, as well as the collective birthdays of the two namesake geezers, Mike Buckley & Scott Shannon invite you to, in the spirit of Eliminate rule #5, to “harden the f*** up” and come ride our cumulative years in miles! Yes, that 57 + 58 for the 2017 version – 115 miles in total. We roll out of 1920 Rippleton Cross Road in Cazenovia on July 30th at 6:00am sharp, with feed stops in Greene, Norwich, Georgetown, and Erieville.”

I really screwed up by not alerting the group of their opportunity to “harden the f*** up.” I know some of you would have enjoyed the opportunity to ride 115 miles at 16-18 mph for 6 ½ to 8 hours Sunday. Others would have felt guilty about missing this opportunity. No need to thank me, that is the kind of thing I do for the EBC.

Welcome new Member

Peter Phillips rode with us Sunday and joined. Make sure to say Hello to him on our next ride.

Ride last Sunday

(the other one. The 26 miler, not the 115 mile death ride) If not inspired, this was at least a very pleasant ride. The route was a big square, going North from Johnny Appleseed’s, up to the Windmill’s, East and down Peterboro road to Peterboro, South to Morrisville, then back to Johnny Appleseeds. Turns out the confusion over the mapping was due to the map creator, not the map users. Also we were saved from riding up monster hill West Road in Morrisville because of road construction. I had an excellent apple crisp and corn chowder at Johnny Appleseed’s after the ride. Everyone said the coffee was good. Last time there noted coffee snob, Pauline Cecere, gave the coffee high marks. On this ride were: David Neff, Gioia Gensini, Sue Shapiro, Gabe Yankowitz, new member Peter Phillips*, Kate Stewart and friend*, Steve Share, Janet Ohlsen, Sue* and Dale* Maris, Rick Morris, and Pat Demyan. (note* 4 first time riders!). Picture courtesy of Gioia.

Next Sundays Ride

Lisa Baker has graciously volunteered to host Sunday’s ride on 8/6/17. Leaving from her house at 9:00 AM located at:
15 S Ten Eyck Avenue, Cazenovia NY. Route will be 25 to 30 miles. Expect a few hills.

35 telltale signs that you’re officially a cyclist (congratulations):

30. You’re baffled when your roommate or partner doesn’t understand why your bikes can’t be stored outside.


Today’s ride

Now, this is actually Sunday’s ride. But instead of sending this to the Erieville Bicycle Club, it went to USAirways. Do not know how that happened. I am forwarding it on to you now.

Incidentally, I am looking for a home to rent for my brother fourth of July week. Must have air conditioning and sleep 3 couples and one infant. Needs to be within one half hour of Erieville. Anyone have any ideas?

Today’s Ride

Pauline Cecere summed up todays ride, “Perfect”, she said. A few hills, not too far, not too short, not too cold, brownies, fruit and coffee, and great people. 17 rode and even after we got back riders kept showing up. Lisa Baker and newly recruited member Kate Stewart both pedaled in separately. Kudos to Jeff and Sandy Palmer for hosting and mapping the ride. 23 miles of Bicycling Bliss around Deruyter Lake and back. Also riding Catherine McDonough, David Neff, Gioia Gensini, Andy Greenberg, Susan Jenkins, Janet Ohlsen, Harlan Share, Sue Shopiro, Gabe Yankowitz, Steve Share, Pat Demyan, Colleen Stevens, and Jim Francis.

Attached is the map Jeff Palmer created in planning for the ride.

To support my thesis that women are taking over the world; the formerly all male Erieville Bicycle Club had 9 women and 8 men riding today. Counting Lisa and Kate that is 11 women to 8 men or 58%.

35 telltale signs that you’re officially a cyclist (congratulations):

4. The “check engine” light in your car has been on for months, but the most minor mechanical issue on your bike is resolved immediately…

(You know who I am talking about here)


Paul Silverstein